My name is Maria Rasskazova. Born in Moscow in 1987. Ever since my childhood, my life was connected and filled with the arts. My talent for color and composition in my early drawings was noticed by my mother who enrolled me in art school. And so, when the time to enter a university came, the choice was obvious –The Moscow Architectural Institute (MARhI), which I successfully graduated from in 2010.

After graduation I had the luck to be employed with one of the most renowned Russian architectural and design studios (SPeeCH) in the country. Three years of concentrated experience, sometimes not easy, but always interesting, allowed me to start working independently as a designer of interiors of residential and public spaces. Since 2015, I live and work in Barcelona, where in 2020 I finished Master program in interior design field, in one of the best design schools in Barcelona (ELISAVA).

I love my profession! I know it, I feel it and I understand it. By education I am an architect, and I must say that my education helps me a lot in my work providing a deeper and wider understanding of the subject. Describing my approach to work, I can say that I work responsibly and systematically. But I also understand how important it is to combine functionality with good taste, style, aesthetics when planning a new space. I do my best to understand your desires, to anticipate your needs and make each project individual, breathing life into it and even bringing some spice to every project, every time making it unique and special.

I embed a part of my soul into every one of my projects, and I live them from the very start to the very end, from the first day of planning until the last day of construction.